Super Dragon Ball Z

Super Dragon Ball Z
Super Dragon Ball Z (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Another fighting game representing the Dragon Ball Z series, Super Dragon Ball Z is a ‘cel-shaded’ 3D fighting game originally released for European and Japanese arcades running on System 246 hardware, and then later for the PlayStation 2. The game features 18 playable characters representing most of the characters from the classic Dragon Ball Z, a number of destructible environments, and a style that reflects the era of arcade games.

Game Play:

The controls in Super Dragon Ball Z are a little different from the other Dragon Ball Z games and can therefore be a little hard to learn. There are 18 characters in all in the game, all of them completely unique and having different sets of moves and combos. The levels of the game are quite large and finely detailed, each level containing a secret, which is either something special for you to look at, or to use to your advantage. Also, you can use the environment to your advantage, for example you can use a pillar to block an attack.


There are just a few modes in Super Dragon Ball Z, including the Original, Z Survivor, Versus,  Customise, Training and the Dragon Summoning mode.

1.  The Original Mode:

The Original mode is the arcade version of the game. You take on 7 opponents, each of which give you Dragon Balls, and make your way to the Cell.

2.  The Z Survivor Mode:

In the Z Survivor mode, you have to fight 9 battles with just one life bar. After each battle, you have access to choose an option from a roulette containing 7 options like Dragon Balls and regaining lost health. As you win more battles, you will gain more battle power, and becoming stronger. You will also recieve points to unlock new skills. Once you have collected all 7 Dragon Balls, you can have a single wish granted, usually geared towards customizing your own character, or, once in a while, unlocking a new character.

3.  The Versus Mode:

The Versus is the basic mode, where you can select a character, then stage and battle your friend.

4.  The Customise Mode:

The Customise mode, as the name implies, allows you to customize your

character. You can change your character’s clothes or skills in this mode.

5.  The Training Mode:

The Training mode allows you to practise your moves and attacks. You can set your opponent to be controlled by the computer or a person in this mode. You can also set the way you want your stage to be, and how your opponent responds to different attacks.

6.  The Dragon Summoning Mode:

The Dragon Summoning mode is where you collect all 7 Dragon Balls and have your wish granted. Because the wishes in this mode are much more detailed and complex, there are two sets of wishes: a Normal and an Enhanced set of wishes.

Graphics and Sound:

The graphics in Super Dragon Ball Z have a great 3D, cel-shaded quality, and are perfectly detailed. The colors in the game are rich and vibrant, and the characters are virtually flawless. The movements of the characters, too, are pretty fluid. The sounds of the game, however, are nothing to be proud of. The audio quality is abysmal, especially in the music and voiceovers.


In a nutshell, it can be said that Super Dragon Ball Z is a solid game, and that fighting fans and fans of Dragon Ball Z the series will not be disappointed at all.

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