Just a few weeks ago I was browsing  YouTube when I came across  a chilling short film titled ‘UNWIND’ based on the first book of a series by Neal Shusterman. I felt goosebumps as I watched, and by the time I had re-played it so many times I knew it by heart, I had already decided this one’s going to be my new favorite book series once I got hold of it. I was right. I completed the 4-book dystology in less than a week, and two weeks later, I’m still thinking about it. I’m telling you guys, this is one book you don’t want to miss. asd

Anyways, the story goes like this: It’s the near future, and after a civil war over the abortion debate, an agreement was reached: human life is untouchable until between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, when the parents can decide whether they want their child or not. The unwanted children would be ‘unwound’, a process in which the various body parts are extracted and sent over for transplants. As each and every part of the child is used for transplants, the child is not technically ‘dead’. The story follows the lives of three kids chosen to be unwound: Connor Lassiter, a troublemaker who is difficult to control; Risa Ward, an orphan the state can no longer afford to fund; and Lev Calder, an angelic tithe born and raised to be unwound as a sacrifice by his rich, religious parents.  In a weird twist of fate, the three meet, and finally they have a chance to escape and survive.

The sequels are equally interesting, if not more. What got to me the most was the mob mentality of the people, how, when told countless times that the wrong thing is right, people actually come to believe it, and the role of media in the whole thing.

The book made me really think, not only about the issues mentioned, but also how unwinding is a metaphor for the many wrongs in our society we are forced to believe are right.

This series is a must read for everyone. I can assure you it will be one of the best books you have ever read. A free download to the complete dystology in PDF format is provided below. You’re welcome :)


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